Laundrybar Franchise Only
NON-FRANCHISE (DISTRIBUTOR AND MACHINE SELLER) – Including a so call 2nd hand public company
100% Money Back Guarantee (We are the only one indeed) – Is not about WHO Guarantee but is About Commitment! – You can’t make money we buy back No if and No but. No guarantee as most of non brand cant make money especially after LaundryBar brand opened nearby
ZERO ZERO ZERO monthly Royalty (Other charges 8 – 15% monthly don’t know for what purpose. No marketing, no promotion no CSR, No billboard) Not suppose as no advertisement on branding. Advertise only to sell machine.
8 Years unlimited Extended Warranty (Longest to protect your investment) – 8 years even a so call 2nd hand public listed company cant do that If can they don’t give warranty but due to existing of LaundryBar they FORCE to give 2 year in order to sustain
Leading in Marketing and advertising (you can see our official FB page LaundryBar-HQ) Advertisement of their machine. You buy machine but NOT business opportunity! Gain or lose your own problem
Authorised Distributor from Alliance Laundry Systems USA. (Not a dealer) even some so call distributor can’t do better than us Also a distributor but nothing special you can get perhaps cheap with poor after sales service
In HOUSE Factory Manufacturer of Halal chemical (Not OEM) – produce high-quality chemical and better quality control. Of Course No
In HOUSE Manufacture of Token changer and Chemical dispenser (Not outsourcing) Maybe cooperate with chemical company that using free dispenser in return buying a super expensive chemical!
In HOUSE Technical support Not a par timer (Service Network at Norther, Southern and East Malaysia) Technical support only appear in his mouth when selling the machine. After sales done support will be missing
A large warehouse for replacement parts (We are authorised, distributor) Many stock due to machine unable to sell
Multiple awards winner (Soba, MFA, Star, SME and many more not less than 25 awards Non- maybe listed a 2nd hand market that share price never went up
In HOUSE developed E-Wallet systems for QR payment and remote monitoring and management Of Course No
CHAMPION distributor from Alliance Laundry Systems.USA.IPSO for 2018 and 2019! Living in the history
Ready stock – Don’t have to wait for 23 months for opening Non
Certified franchisor from KPDNHEP since 2016 Of course No
Authorized Licensed LaundryBar Investment Scheme from SSM under Interest Scheme Act 2016 to manage RM75million fund size Of course No
Expanded to the overseas countries, Thailand, Brunei and Turkey. Of course No
Latest concept Mega Store provides a more than 35% ROI per year. Of Course No. ROI is only appear when eager selling the machine. After that missing
Our LB-Pay e wallet payment systems is now on ZERO cost to your investment! Of course No