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LaundryBar supports the Malaysia government vaccination plan and encourages more people to get vaccinated. The LaundryBar self-service laundry has launched a “vaccinated, save more” discount. In this promotion, LaundryBar will give away a total of 50,000 tokens to people who have been vaccinated.


Founded in 2013, LaundryBar is known for its convenience, environmental protection, and excellent laundry management experience. A hygienic and affordable laundry management solution can be completed within 60 minutes. With its innovative and stable business model and various advanced systems, LaundryBar has become the largest and most mature laundry company in Malaysia. It has more than 500 branches in Malaysia and more than 70 chain branches abroad, including Thailand. , Brunei and Turkey.


LaundryBar has its e-wallet application LB PAY. The public only needs to reload the LB PAY, and they can use this e-wallet token to pay when using the self-service laundry service.



Anyone vaccinated can get 5 LB PAY e-wallet tokens for free by sending their name, LB PAY ID and vaccination certificate via WhatsApp to The public can also get this offer by sending an email to Must comply with regulations.


People who have not installed LB PAY can download this app for free in the app store.



LaundryBar自助服务洗衣店为了支持疫苗接种计划以及鼓励更多的民众接种疫苗,推出了 “接种疫苗,节省更多” 的优惠。LaundryBar在这项优惠当中会赠送总共50,000个代币给已接种疫苗的民众。




LaundryBar拥有自家的电子钱包应用程序LB PAY,民众只需为LB PAY充值代表,在使用自助洗衣服务时就能用此电子钱包的代币付款。


每位已接种疫苗的民众,只需把姓名,LB PAY ID及接种疫苗证明以WhatsApp发送至即可以免费获得5个LB PAY电子钱包代币。民众也可通过发送电邮 至获得此项优惠。必须符合条规。

未安装LB PAY的民众,可在应用程序商店免费下载此应用。


另,民众可浏览:搜寻参与这项优惠的Laundry Bar自助服务洗衣店。

Sin Chew Daily. 26. Jun.2021