One does not need to have prior experience in coin operated laundry business in Philippine if you intend to be our franchisee as we will be providing you with a totally new business solution. The services that LaundryBar renders range from site selection, initial design and construction, testing and installation of machines to brand and marketing campaigns for your new business! We share your concern and understand that it is crucial to select the right location to optimize your business.

Hence, we will utilize our technology equipment to perform a careful evaluation to find a suitable site, involving population check to assist you in the site selection process. We will also ensure that all sites chosen are in compliance with our business radius protection. As a franchisor, we will also continuously support our franchisee by providing premium maintenance service, full training, and lifetime consultancy, with no royalty charges. All these value-added services are provided with the aim to ensure our franchisees consistently earn a steady stream of lucrative income. Do not hesitate anymore, join your first coin operated laundry business in Philippine with LaundryBar today!