Get A Better Support & After Sales Service Are Always The Right Choice!

From “Laundry xxB To Laundrybar”
Client changed from the previous brand to us, due to our stronger support & after sales service.

You can contact our representative when you have the following question or doubts for your coin laundry/self service laundry business.
1. Current vendor always acting slow in support?
2. Machine malfunctioned but got not attention from existing vendor within 48 hours?
3. Existing vendor does not advise on business location & marketing strategy?
4. Thinking of to change a new brand?
5. Looking for the best franchising package in town?

You can now differentiate the quality & after sales service on different brand by referring to the chart at below.

Do contact us at the following mobile number or click on the contact us button and send us an email. Let us bring you to another success!

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